New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival 2015  31st October 2015 –3rd November 2015

31st October – 3rd November 2015 31st October – 3rd November 2015


Call for Entries – Animated Short Film Competition

Deadline for Animated Short Film Competition Entry has passed. Thank you for your Submission! Notification of initial selection results will be announced on mid-August 2015(scheduled) .


A New division in the Competition: Music Animation Competition

For this edition, along with the International Competition, we add another new competition programs: “Music Animation Competition”. This competition features animation expression in music video. The submission closes on June 30th. We’ll wait your submissions.



The New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival is intended to support the discovery of creative expression as inspiration for future development, and to promote such expression worldwide. The event is also expected to create a new forum for international exchange through the culture of animation with New Chitose Airport as a base.

Film submission period

From April 18 to June 30, 2015

Competition categories

The festival features the following three competition categories: (A) International Competition (B) Japan Competition (C) Music Animation Competition
Submissions will be sorted into the relevant category based on judgment by the Festival Office and Selection Committee members. Submissions may be selected for more than one of the categories.


International jury may present the awards listed below for films they select.The jury may also institute a new Special Award.

Award Competition Prize money/extra prizes
Grand Prix International Competition 1 million JPY
New Talent Award International Competition 300,000 JPY
Japan Grand Prix Japan competition and Japanese films in the International Competition 500,000 JPY


The Audience Award is selected by the vote of audience
Award Competition Prize money/extra prizes
Audience Award All 100,000 JPY


The Kids Award selected by kids jury from among international competition films screened in the Family Program
Award Competition Prize money/extra prizes
Kids Award Family Program within the International Competition memento


The jury for Music Animation competition will select the award for Music Animation competition
Award Competition Prize money/extra prizes
Best Music Animation Music Animation Competition 200,000 JPY


Submission requirements
  1. Entrants are asked to carefully read and agree to the terms and conditions of the Submission Regulations for Animated Short Film Competition before submitting works.
  2. Submissions must be animated films with a run time not exceeding 30 minutes, including end credits (all animation techniques acceptable).
  3. Submissions must be works completed in or after 2013.
  4. The director or the producer of the film or the entrant must hold the right to screen the film submitted, and all rights to screen the work during the festival must have been secured.
  5. The entrant is strongly recommend to make the submission available for Internet streaming. However, submissions by post are also accepted if there is a valid reason.
  6. Films that have previously been submitted to the past editions of the festival will not be accepted.

Multiple submissions from the same entrant are accepted as long as the above conditions are satisfied for each one. Individual films must be entered separately.

[Download the Regulations [ENGLISH] (PDF/106KB)]

[Download the Regulations [한국어] (PDF/159KB)]

[Download the Regulations [简体中文] (PDF/105KB)]

[Download the Regulations [繁體中文] (PDF/115KB)]


The festival office will invite a filmmaker or a producer who satisfy certain conditions by covering related costs as described below. The detail is notified of the details by email after the selection.


■Conditions for invitation

Must be one of the following:

(1) A director or producer whose work has been nominated for the International Competition or the Japan Competition and is able to attend the Award Ceremony to be held on November 3, 2015 (one person per film)

(2) A director or producer whose work has been nominated for the Music Animation Competition and is able to attend the screening program during the festival period (schedule TBA; one person per film)


Even if the film is nominated in more than one category, only one person is invited.


■If the condition is fulfilled, the festival will cover

(1) Part of round-trip flight costs (as par the Festival Office regulations)

(2) Accommodation during the festival (applicable only to hotels arranged by the Festival Office and only for one person)

(3) Part of meals during the festival (by meal coupon, as par with Festival Office regulations)

Submission methods

  1. Submissions are accepted only via the Online Submission Form.
  2. * Notice to Production, Distribution Companies and Agents
    If you submit many films at once, we accept your submission by list. Please send a compiled list of films information to the email address below. Microsoft Excel, Word file and PDF file are acceptable. You will get a response after we check the file.
  3. The email address shown below can be used to request further information or ask questions about submissions.


    New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival Office

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