New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival 2015  31st October 2015 –3rd November 2015

31st October – 3rd November 2015 31st October – 3rd November 2015

Asia Panorama

●1st November 17:00 Theater3     
●3rd November 12:30 Theater3

Everyday Sins

Director : Kim Yewon

2014 / Korea / 0:07:29

Guilty is an art university student who is slacking off on her school work and feels horrible about it. Plus, she's confused about her family and Christianity, and she can't even get her ex-boyfriend to accept a small present she bought for him.


Kim Yewon

Born in Korea, 1988. Graduated from Korea Animation Highschool, Department of Animation (2007) Graduated from Tokyo Polytechnic University, Faculty of Arts, Department of Animation (2011), Graduated from Tokyo University of Arts Graduate School of Film and New Media (2014)


Drive TV

Director : Saki Masumori

2015 / Japan / 0:04:30

I expressed the desire and humanity in this animation.The boy who had shut all desires into the TV went away from a quality of human being (identity). This is the story that the boy finally regains himself.


Saki Masumori

Graduate from Tama Art University of Department of Graphic Design, March 2015


Lady with Flower Hair

Director : Sarah Tabibzadeh

2015 / Iran / 0:10:37

The Lady with Flower-Hair is a woman of forty, on whose hair have grown a set of carnations. She was different even from childhood. She now lives alone. She is pre-occupied with the flowers on her hair but the co-existence of two beings with absolutely nothing in common is bound to cause discomfort for one of them.

Sarah Tabibzadeh

Born in 1984, Tehran, Iran. BA Graphic Design, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran MA Animation directing, Tarbiat Modarres , University, Tehran, Iran Member of Asifa &Iranian illustrator society Freelance illustrator & animation director Designer and manager of ”Sarah Product” since 2002.

ookubofactory / Horizon

Director : Chikara Urasaki

2015 / Japan / 0:03:25

Summer horizon, the city sways Killer horizon, it shines tomorrow too Won’t you try? Won’t you destroy? It’s moving farther away!!

Chikara Urasaki

Chikara Urasaki started to release promotional animated videos in late 2011. Before that, he had produced MANGA, music and animations without planning to release them publicly

Sick Building Syndrome

Director : Chun-Tien Chen, Chen-Yu Yang

2015 / Taiwan / 0:04:02

It is a city without memories, but a growing maze with construction sites, skyscrapers, advertising billboards that keeps taking over or being taken over their domains. Citizens wander around and eventually get lost in vain, and the Mô-sîn-á (*) is the only one to lead their way.

Chun-Tien Chen, Chen-Yu Yang

Neither do the director study in animation. Chun-Tien studies in documentary, and Chen-Yu studies in architecture, thus it’s our first time working on animation.


Director : KEBLUJARA

2014 / Australia / 0:05:19

Here there is a man who is one of the lovable kind. He draws. He suffers. He discovers. He is alive.He doesn’t confront the world. The world is not there to know. The world is nowhere to be seen in such speed in motion.

The world can’t make him suffer. Everything he feels right and what he feels right is his absolute right.

Everything else is nothing. Everything else never exists and he knew about this from very long ago. and never let go of this truth.

He is the one of the kind and it’s his another usual day.



Akihito Nonoue: Drawings, Editing, and Story: Akihito Nonoue
Isao Sano: Music, Photographinh, and Editing
Konoka Takashiro: Editing and Photographing
KEMUKUJARA and All He Knows Right were selected in Montreal World Film Festival.


Eye’m Free

Director : Louise Pau

2015 / Hong Kong / 0:08:32

In the near future, holographic goggles have substituted all electronic devices and those who could afford it become wholly dependent on it. Chuck is one of those devoted users of the goggles. One day, an incident leaves Chuck deprived of the technological privileges he once enjoyed. Alice, a well-meaning girl in his class, sought his friendship and offers aid as he struggles in limbo. Things take a turn for the worse when Alice cooks up an inventive solution for Chuck…


Louise Pau

LOUISE PAU is a Hong Kong artist, animator and director. She fell in love with the art of storytelling during her literature classes in secondary school. Majoring in Film from Hong Kong Baptist University, Louise has discovered her passion and medium of expression in animation even though traditional animation course wasn’t offered in her department. As a self-taught animator, Louise had completed her first animation short and is confident there’ll be more lining up.



Director : Tan Wei Keong

2014 / Singapore / 0:04:25

A man scratches the skin he lives in.

Tan Wei Keong

Wei Keong’s animated short films “White” and “Hush Baby” received the Special Achievement and Special Mention awards respectively at the Singapore International Film Festival in 2007 and 2009. His public art installation “Foundin” has been featured at the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2014 and also at the Fondation Espace Ecureuil in France as part of the Made in Asia Festival 2015.


Director : TOCHKA

2015 / Japan / 0:04:00

A work of animation drawn in the air with the illumination of a penlight. Footage was shot of the promenade connecting “Zō-no-hana Park” and a red-brick warehouse in Yokohama, the port city that “black ships” used to visit and the starting point of rail lines that carry goods to Tokyo. Life, the universe, and the birth of humanity. Humanity invented tools, encountered fire, and become capable of drawing on the walls of dark caves. Painting was born out of the wisdom of our ancestors who needed to pass something on to future generations. Here we can see the joy of discovering a new form of energy.



A creative unit active since 1998. Both members were born in 1978. In 2006 they came up with “PiKAPiKA”, a ground-breaking visual style in which animation is created by combining long exposure and stop motion techniques in digital videography and drawing pictures with the illumination cast by a penlight suspended in the air. Employing this and other techniques, their activities in a variety of fields including commercial films and modern art transcend the boundaries of specific industries.

Lonely Sound

Director : Shalini Shankar, Srinidhi Venkatesh, Sandhya Prabhat

2015 / India / 0:04:04

Lonely Sound’ is an animated music video for artiste Srinidhi’s single release. It is directed by Shalini Shankar and animated by Sandhya Prabhat and was released on February 14th, 2015 on Srinidhi’s VEVO Channel. The film captures scenes from one day during which a couple in a long-distance relationship meet.

Shalini Shankar, Srinidhi Venkatesh, Sandhya Prabhat

Shalini Shankar is a director/producer currently working with Madras Talkies as an Associate Director to Mr. Mani Ratnam.

The Rainbow Flower Garden

Director : Kurumi Hakamada

2015 / Japan / 0:07:14

A story of a man who dreamed of the rainbow flower garden. He found an infant Tyrannosaurus-Rex and tried to stay with the baby, but the mother didn't allow him to do so.


Kurumi Hakamada

*Born in Shizuoka, Japan in 1992. *Studied movies at Nihon University (2011-2015).
*Working as an editor in Shizuoka (2015-).


Tiny winter circle

Director : Beomsik Shimbe shim

2015 / Korea / 0:02:22

"A little girl finds a mysterious music box. She winds it up to play it but doesn't realize what she is about to awaken. It might be tiny creatures that have been sleeping a long time inside the musical teeth of the music box or imaginary creatures only you can see"

Beomsik Shimbe shim

Beomsik Shim, a.k.a Shimbe, is an award winning filmmaker and media artist. Shimbe majored in Experimental Animation at CalArts, and has expanded his artistic domain to various fields of art through film and animation. His works include "Futurama" - 20th century Fox TV, "Mosquito" - Yeah Yeah Yeahs' music album art works and videos, "The Wonder Hospital", animated film. His films have shown at festivals around world getting multiple awards from SXSW, LA Film Fest, SIGGRAPH, and Anima Brussels. He’s currently working as a film director, and teaching at California State University Long Beach.

Something Important

Director : Nai Wei Liu

2014 / Taiwan,United States / 0:07:17

NaiWei Liu’s Something Important (2014) is a 2D animation, which presents the filmmaker’s personal journey of self-discovery woven as a tapestry of his memories. Liu uses an abstract montage style that combines hand-drawn elements with composited photo realistic scenes in tandem with music to express his life experiences filtered through time and remembrance. The resulting film conveys a positive perspective that transforms psychologically difficult occurrences into a field of creative insights.

Nai Wei Liu

NaiWei Liu is a Taiwanese born artist and designer, who has been involved in the motion mgraphics and graphic design fields since 2006.
He received his BFA in Communication Design from Shih Chien University in Taipei, Taiwan in 2009, and his MFA in Computer Art with a concentration in Motion Graphics from the School of Visual Arts in New York in 2014.
Liu’s inventive commercial and fine art motion imagery engages music within a defined visual space to create a vivid and impressive visual language.

Wedding March

Director : Hoji Tsuchiya

2015 / German / 0:03:00

A moment that my driving the train passes through that station, my fiance and I were journey at the speed of light. The animation of wedding ceremony for the couple which acts as a railroad worker.

Hoji Tsuchiya

Hoji Tsuchiya was born in Tokyo and work as an artist in animation, film, music & drawing.
Currently based in Berlin, Germany, he has been practising in animation since 2004.
He employs experimental material such as a photocopy machine, banana skin, shadow and paper.


Director : Eden Chan

2015 / Taiwan / 0:01:56

This is an imagined story about turning three different elements into an unusual situation.


Eden Chan

Studying in Taipei National University of the Arts


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